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NYC Hypnosis: How Hypnosis Can Help With Anxiety And Phobias EASILY !

A Phobia is a n irrational fear .. a fear of a fear ….. of a specific object or situation. It could be a phobia of bugs, spiders, heights, elevators, giving blood, getting an injection for a doctor, going to your dentist, being in a crowd ….. and this fear when no fearful situation is actually present  is excessive, unreasonable, irrational, and exaggerated.

When you have a phobia … or a phobic response as it is called, your anxiety is triggered by either a presence or a thought, but more than likely, the anticipation of the feared object or situation, eg. Someone says there’s a spider. Your anxiety response spikes and interferes with your normal functioning, productivity. Devastates the enjoyment of your life. You live in fear of the experience. You avoid certain places, certain actions.

When you are exposed to the phobic stimulus , what occurs is an immediate anxiety response, which can take the form of a Panic Attack (DSM-IV-TR). As a result, you begin to avoid the  phobic situations, because if exposure does happens, you go through the situation anxious.

phobias and hypnosis New York CuresWhat plagues most New Yorkers is called “Social Phobia”. Where  you have a marked and persistent fear of one or more social or performance situations in which you are exposed to  people you are not familiar with or you think you will be judged (DSM-IV-R). You have this underlying, heart throbbing fear that you will act in such a way that will humiliate or embarrass you.

Phobias are negative ways of coping with situations that have created exaggerated, unproductive responses and have evolved in an attempt to reduce anxiety. The S.C.R.I.P.T.S. Method of Phobia Removal is to get to the root of the problem and to dissapate the underlying anxiety taping into the creative powers of the imagination to rescript the attached emotional response that causes you to have an anxiety reaction.

This approach changes the symptoms where your mind visualizes these past memories as a learning experience with the new feeling of choice installed. You feel good. After a while, many of our clients forget they had a problem in the first place. The old saying, “Out of sight … out of mind” as you live your life to your full potential.

Our Hypnosis Sessions at Professor Petrocelli’s Original NYC Hypnosis Center are biased toward achieving the results you want. We don’t DO HYPNOSIS … we create changes. Changes that are productive, powerful and basically, give you the freedom to live your life focused on the core values of Freedom, Happiness and Purpose.

Give us a call 212 964 4450 …. Find out your next steps are to living a fully empowered life, confidentially, reassured with a new vigor and optimism. No one cares about your health as much as you do.


NYC Hypnosis And The Power of Prayer for the skepticalNew York City Hypnosis: How The Power Of Prayer Works – For The Non Believer !

Those whom believe in a higher power, have faith in that higher power that through the power of prayer they will receive what they want or need in their lives, find that in many cases, not necessarily in the way they could have imagined it, but things happen, almost miraculously in their lives.

If you believe yourself to be a rational, analytical person who doesn’t believe in the power of prayer, there is an actual, scientific reason prayer works, way beyond the ecsoteric principles for you to utilize the power of prayer in your life. Lets explore how it works.

New York City Hypnosis And The Power of PrayerHypnosis NYC FactFile:
Your mind is a goal seeking mechanism
Think about it. It controls the millions of minute, miniscule functions in your body at any given moment, helping you to survive, function and move throughout the world, healthy, and it runs successfully, without any intervention on your part.

NYC Knowledge Base:
The principles of prayer: How It Works !

You focus the infinite power of your mind on something you want in life.

Now … this may be relief from bills, a new relationship, a new job, love in your life, relief from stress. You focus your mind on what you want. Secondly, since you’ve already conceded to your mind that you can’t achieve it by yourself or means under your power, you give it up to an outside source, whether it be God, Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna, the Saints, or whomever your faith believes would be the most beneficial.

Okay, lets see what you’ve done .. You’ve given your brain a goal, an ideal outcome. You’ve prayed to your God. You’ve handed the problem over … no longer relying on your faulty psyche to achieve it. In that process, what you’re done is to release the negative thoughts (which become self fulfilling prophesys) that you can not achieve your outcome, you’ve dissapated them. It’s not your problem. Your worry. My God will help me. You’ve set that goal-seeking cybernetic device, the brain into motion doing what it does best, headed toward the target you have in mind. What happens next.

Well .. Is it all fairytale happy endings? No! The brain will get you to that goal by hook or crook. It may not be the way you want it to. And at times, it may have to give you a good kick in the posterior to achieve that end. And this is where many do not understand the functionality of giving the brain a goal. It could mean leaving an unhappy relationship, quitting that unfulfilling job, it definitely means getting out of your comfort zone.

You may find yourself in places you didn’t expect to be. Meeting people you didn’t expect to meet. Putting yourself out there. Open to new prosperity, new love, new feelings.

Things happen magically in your life. Sometimes you wonder, if there is a god, why is this happening to me. But after the fact, and it might be something devastating, you find that you had to take drastic action to move from where you are to where you want to be and you can look back at it.

But you have to be aware, the mind will help you achieve what you want, and what you want, may not be what you need. So add this little caveat when you pray: God, help me get this, or something better. Because that better relationship, that better job, may be right in front of you, unnoticed, and you’ll get what you focus on.


For those of you who are still skeptical, be skeptical enough to believe that your belief that it doesn’t work is skeptical. Because skepticism and pessimism is healthy. Because that part of the mind that has that skepticism, once convinced, will truly empower you to new heights, new riches (and riches isn’t just material objects or money) …

At NYC Hypnosis Center, we help you formulate those goals into clear directives, freeing the mind of the negative thoughts that interfere with you achieving that success. Many have conflicting goals. Put two conflicting goals in one’s mind, and the mind creates confusion, forgetfulness, simple tasks backfire. Our S.C.R.I.P.T.S. method of goal driven hypnosis will empower your mind with the believe in change.

Give us a call at our New York City Hypnosis center today and find out how you can achieve your dreams. 212 964 4450