About New York City Hypnosis Center And Shauntay W.


Shauntay W. is considered one of the country’s top hypnotherapists / hypnotists – possessing a background in social work working with neglected and abused children and 12 years experience in hypnosis with Positive Changes Hypnosis, Hypnosis Center of New York, and back once again with Professor Petrocelli at the New York Hypnosis Center.

Your confidentiality is assured.
You are taking the first step necessary to
make some dramatic changes in your life.

Develop your intuitive powers
Promote good health and well-being.
Feel worthwhile, self-confident, zestful.
Become happier at home. Develop patience.
Acquire the ability to become calm in any situation.
Make better decisions
Improve concentration
Overcome procrastination
Become more in touch with your emotions
– Reduce conflict and stress
– Sleep easily and soundly
– Sell and present yourself with dynamic confidence & enthusiasm.
– Increase your income.
– Attract others. Develop successful relationships
– Eliminate negative thoughts at will..
Free yourself from anger. Get over your fear of rejection.
– Achieve your goals. Chart the course you deserve.
Program your mind for success.
Develop the ability to visualize and implement the future you want

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