“In Just One Visit” I quit smoking with NYC hypnosis unique stop smoking hypnosis method and you can too. New York City Hypnosis Technique Has Thousands of New Yorkers
Become Free And Stop Smoking Cigarettes

New York Hypnosis TIme Proven Hypnosis Program Can Help Those ‘WHO WANT’ to STOP SMOKING CIGARETTES in just 1 session.


OF course, no method can help someone who doesn’t desire the results .. but if you’re SICK AND TIRED of BEING SICK AND TIRED … If you are FED UP with being a SLAVE TO A CIGARETTE COMPANY who doesn’t give a good darn about you …. Isn’t it time NOW .. to stop … before cigarettes KILL YOU. Our New York Hypnosis Stop Smoking CIgarette Cessation Specialist will give you the low down on how you can EFFECTIVELY become a non smoker in JUST ONE session, and join thousands of New Yorkers who are now effectively enjoying a SMOKE FREE and HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. And we haven’t even begun to discuss, some smokers have several thousands of dollars they WOULD HAVE WASTED on CIGARETTES to plan that next vacation, buy a new car, or enjoy some of the pleasures they couldn’t afford before because they wasted it on cigarettes. Let our New York Hypnotists Show you the way. (

Hypnosis NYC For Stress Control and Quelling That Anger

Anger Can Rears It’s Deadly Head … and you know what it’s like .. because Sometimes you feel trapped, out of control, don’t you ……..

There comes a point when you’re in too deep.  The original reason for the anger, is no longer relevant and you’re operating out of pure instinctual rage… A Pure primal response .. and that anger, not only is dangerous to your loved ones .. but it can get you locked up … but also eats away at your instestines. It’s Corrosive . Think Ulcers, IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Skin eruptions, digestion problems.

NYC (New York City) Hypnosis To The Rescue

When you CAN’T CONTROL THE STRESS .. like a nuclear plant reaching meltdown, no one is going to talk you down. An anger management class? You’ve seen the movies making fun of them. Who wants to MANAGE ANGER in the first place. NYC Hypnosis at our New York City Hypnosis Center will help you to take the lid off that purculating anger time bomb in your system by leading you through an effective, emotional stabilizing process … a way of of changing those stimulai, which like a ticking time bomb lead to unproductive and uncontrollable responses and transform them into a more relaxed, acceptable, regulate-able emotion .. where you have your emotions under control … which you don’t regret later.

Call our New York hypnosis Center now … Before Its too late. See if you’re a candidate.

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Stop Smoking Cigarettes In One Session. You can’t do that. You know YOU TRIED a million times. How could you dare to believe you could stop.

But think back. How many times did you have to be that joy stick in your mouth in the first place to CREATE THE HABIT? Not Many!

Why do you think it’s going to take years to st0p? Oh, I know. Because you tried all the methods that were NEVER DESIGNED to help make you stop. They were designed to get you to redistribute your income flow.

C’mon, you know putting a patch and directly mainlining nicotene into your system is not going to get this dangerous drug out of your system. Doesn’t take the I.Q. of a genius to tell you that. But the cigarette companies treat us like we have the mind of a slug. Listen to this tiny sampling of messages, taken directly off our answering machine … Believe me, if we put all the recordings on here it would take you a lifetime to listen to. BTW: Check out our website

Would You Like To Stop Your Alcohol Addiction?

I’m serious about that .. because if you’re not serious enough to MAKE THAT COMMITMENT NOW, TO STOP DRINKING, ONCE AND FOR GOOD .. move on from this web site Countless other programs will take your money, detox you, lock you up in a little rubber room and just substitute your drinking with something else that will eventually pickle your liver.

If you’re serious. If you’ve had enough. If you are SICK AND TIRED OF BEING SICK AND TIRED ..give us a call NOW ! I don’t have to tell you what alcohol is doing to you. You’ve been lectured to, countless times .. I’m sure. You know how it damages your liver, causes high blood pressure, heart trouble, not even taking into account the social problems and how your behavior is drastically altered when you are under the influence and of course … It DESTROYS your relationships, finances, work.

Lets get serious. Alcohol is of NO USE TO YOU. It doesn’t relax you .. doesn’t make you less anxious … or even improve your sleep.

Try to resist it !!! A.A. meetings are a great resource … but listen .. you are substituting a drink for a meeting. Who are you kidding. The underlying problem is still there. My name is Prof. John Petrocelli. Growing up in NYC’s Greenwich VIllage, I’ve dealt with both alcohol and drug abuse throughout my career, both in dealing with family members, friends, and spending two and 1/2 years exploring the A.A. (Alcoholics Anonymous) Phenomena and talking former alcoholics to the next step: FREEDOM.

Hypnosis can be effective for helping you to resolve your own underlying issues. After all, who do you think created them? Our clients report that when that inner voice SHUTS UP and what drives them to drink changes … so does their need to drink.

We’re serious here .…We work with those who seek a new lifestyle .. one of freedom ..of choice …..We’ll give you our 100 percent .. but if you’re not ready … stand aside .. there are those out there .. significantly desperate ….waiting for the opportunity you are passing by.

Professor John Petrocelli and The New York Hypnosis Center (NYC Hypnosis) Center Staff have been serving NYC and are NYC’s LifeChanging Specialists in hypnosis for 31 years.


New York City Hypnosis – You have tried to lose weight … right. When you think about it, it actually should be the easiest thing in the world. At least that is what you tell yourself, but some switch just goes in your mind and self sabotages obliterates our success.

For many, it is a matter of worthiness. Thanks to earlier parental programming, one just doesn’t believe they DESERVE to look good. Listen to New York City Hypnotist, Brian Kastan, explain weight loss hypnosis.

NYC Hypnosis To Relieve Fears and Anxiety

Anxiety Relief Through NYC Hypnosis Proven Method

Fears and phobias, enough to scare the bejesus out of you. Phobias are an irrational fear, a fear of a fear, not a real fear. Which means the stimulus doesn’t have to be present to evoke the resulting symptoms. Sometimes just the thought, the imagination or the hallucination of the mental irritant will cause one to panic, hyperventilate … simply put, freak out.

Fear of Heights Phobia Hypnosis – This is one of the strangest phobias because according to the Medical profession, it is learned. Research points to Native American Indians who have no fear of heights and because of that, occupy many jobs where being on high scaffolding, buildings, or bridges make them the suitable employee.

Overcome Phobia with NYC Hypnosis

The National Institute of Mental Health says in their empirical research (however they tabulate their results is surely uncertain) that almost 20 million American people are suffering from one or more phobias. Now, that’s a scary thought to me. But again, its just a statistic, there could be millions more or less as the body is able to produce a phobic response in milliseconds.

Common Types of Phobias

Acrophobia, which is the Fear of Heights.

When that thought of being up high, on a mountain, or in an elevated building elicits a fearful or phobic or panicky response.

Claustrophobia – Fear of Small Spaces, like in an airplane, elevator or enclosed room
Especially when a door is closed or there is a perceived fear one will not be able to escape.
There is a large range of responses t

Nyctophobia – Fear of the Dark or more aptly put, Fear of the Unknown.
Take away our sense of sight which many rely so heavily upon and put someone in a familiar situation and the scenario takes on a new meaning.
We know respond by shifting to other senses which may not be preconditioned to respond in a resourceful manner.

All of these phobic responses are basically a response mechanism. An attempt to protect the organism, even if the protection is not beneficial or hurtful.
These are just the top (again, according to scientific studies which again are fallible) phobias. We will discuss more in future blog posts and examine the strangest, most bizarre phobias: Like a fear of Santa Claus, peanut butter or nose hair. Yes, anything visual, auditory or kinestetic can evoke a phobic response.

Hypnosis at our NYC Hypnosis Clinic is used to desensify the phobias by replaying them with your adult wisdom in a way that allows you to experience life with that of an adult mind.
Learn about Phobias and how they affect you

Our NYC Hypnosis And New York City Hypnosis centers can help you with the Hypnotic
Relief No Other Method Can Help You With



NYC Hypnosis To Stop Nail Biting, Skin Picking, Hair Pulling

Stop Nail Biting With New York City Hypnosis

Nail biting, Skin  picking and Hair pulling are exactly the same as far as the mind is concerned. They are created habits … not necessarily productive though.  The AMA labels them Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders. Nail biters are socially embarrassed to expose their chewed off fingernails which they might have chomped on during out of control moments. And one may wonder why they can’t stop, but its very simple. It’s how we learn. The mind created a habit and it certainly don’t care if it is a productive habit or not.

Nail Biting hair pulling and skin picking takes place as a conditioned response, in an altered state sometimes where you’re not even aware of your actions. You might even be immersed doing something else at same time. One could be  watching TV or working on the computer, or ripping apart their nails in the bathroom at a restaurant, in  car. Sometimes the activity is so compulsive, people set entire chunks of time aside to do it.

At one point, these behaviors may have served a purpose .. whether that purpose was to make your nails look better. To pluck that occasional grey hair that irritated you, or to pop that obnoxious zit. After a while, with repetition, you created a habit. The repetition of the habit increased. And now … your nails are chomped down, patches of hair may be gone, you may have ripped craters in your skin.

To Distract One From Stressful Situations of everyday life, pulling, picking or biting has a kind of soothing effect. Also Boredom comes into play. It gives one something to do. . It  “feels good” at the time, no matter no matter how destructive  the outcomes are.

Utilizing Our New York hypnosis (NYC Hypnosis) reconditioning techniques, one is able to reprogram the offending habits into more ‘resourceful’ behavior patterns. Remember, you created the pattern and you can deconstruct it.

NYC Hypnosis Hypnotic Treatment For Nail Biters

First, we imprint on the mind to become aware of this unconscious habit. We are not always conscious of our subconscious processes and we need a knee jerk reaction to make us aware, or you may just find your hand mystically in your mouth.  Then we program in the new trigger behaviors, whether it is deep breathing, taking a sip of water, or as simple as a smile …. Sounds easy, but that’s all there is to it.

Sometimes there ARE secondary benefits involved in the habit or the need to punish oneself. In those cases, we need to do a little hypnotherapy to restructure those limiting beliefs to something more constructive. Give our NYC Hypnosis Center a call. Professor Petrocelli or one of our Staff Hypnotists in New York, will explain hypnosis and how it will benefit you more in detail.

Do it today!


New York City Hypnotist Brian, says, using hypnotic and persuasive languaging patterns, he’s help students improve their  self esteem, help students learn faster and keeps discipline and respect in the classroom.

Why aren’t these techniques already being used in the classroom?
‘Frankly,’ said Mr. Kastan, ‘Because outside of studing hypnosis, persuasion techniques culled from lawyers, television, the media, there is no one out there teaching these techniques. They are effective. They work in the classroom, and with my 1 and 2 year old children.They will work for you,” claims educator, hypnotist, author Kastan.

Shelly Fagin, a happy mom who’s seen Mr. Kastan for issues with her 9 year old son said, “It’s a shame. No one teaches us how to talk to our children.