You have seen the tv fantasy of what hypnosis is: Levitating mindless zombies controlled by the crazed hypnotist. But is that the reality of hypnosis ? No way.

Here is a snapshot of a hypnosis session … time restraint of course .. our sessions typically run from 1 1/2 to 6 hours, one-on-one, with each person. But then again, we get results. Isn’t that what you want.

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New York City Stop Smoking Cigarettes hypnosis sessions ARE REVOLUTIONERY
In the Industry … How would you like to save $2-$5 thousand a year ?
Your Lungs will be forever grateful !


Professor John Petrocelli - The NYC HypnotistWelcome to my world where undeniable, unbelievable change takes place every day. I am a NYC hypnotist. Some say one of the handful of the best. I’ve been involved in the mind expansion NYC hypnosis movement for close to 30 years now. I’ve spent thousands of hours interacting with New Yorkers who wanted powerful change in groups and one-on-one, instilling change in their lives.

Our NYC Hypnosis Center has been repeatedly sited in the media thousands of times for the almost uncanny changes people have been able to make in their lives which was not formerly possible by any onther method they tried.

You will learn what’s possible to ….

Read on … It will be an expansion into your mind you will always be grateful for.

I am Professor John Petrocelli, a NYC Hypnotist, and I’m proud and grateful to be of service to you.


Welcome to NYC hypnosis, for serious NYC Hypnosis Results.
Our New York hypnosis Hypnotists are trained at the New York Hypnosis Center – http://www.hypnoclass.com – by Professor John Petrocelli – http://www.professorpetrocelli.com



Check out this quick video how our New York city Hypnosis works quickly and easily for weight loss.

Many of our clients find willpower and simple desire aren’t always enough to move you along on your weight goals. Soon, years blast by,  it is no longer days, but months, years have gone by and you have only become heavier. Hear New York Hypnotist explain Hypnosis The New York Method.

Our New York Hypnotists offer service that gets powerful positive results.


It is the hidden secret behind most every successful athletes success, and that is the proper mental  mind and conditioning training… and hypnosis is the gateway technique of choice for reprogramming the mind….

At our New York city Hypnosis center, Professor Petrocelli and Coach Jim Guercihave formulated a two prong approach for success.

In our nyc Golf Hypnosis/ hypnotherapy program, Professor Petrocelli works with clients to remove past limitations which hinder performance. Coach Jim Guerci, using hypnotic visualization techniques, then reprograms the mind with the proper visual imagery for success.

Imagine, focusing your unconscious mind like a lazer …focused on the goal at hand, your golf game. Golfers report enhanced physical performance, increased concentration, confidence on the court and one’s abilities can only increase.

Most serious golfers admit, golf is a mind game. The question for you, are you even in the game. Give our NYC hypnosis center a call. Professor Petrocelli and Jim Guerci will be more than happy to answer all your hypnosis questions and how we can assist you in improving your golf game.

Text Messageing Produces Zombies

Text Messaging Zombies No Longer Answer The Phone

Are you a Texting fool? Scientists are claiming texting is just another distracting behavior like drinking, smoking, overeating to keep you from dealing with problems. In our New York city Hypnosis Practice, like many other businesses, we’ve noticed that people are NO LONGER retrieving their voice mails. Maybe it is  out of pure, unadulterated fear, that maybe it’s a creditor on the line looking to repossess the cat, or bad news and they’re just not in the mood for it … and after a while, they have conditioned in, programmed if you like,a new fear … scary but true.

Text messaging is SAFER. In the realm of the mind, It keeps one at a distance. You can answer without retaliation. Without the need to defend oneself. But the end result, we’re seeing clients coming in with more anxiety, more fear than ever before. Just the sound of the alert of a cell phone message can trigger pure panic attacks. And think about what’s being conditioned in, when your child’s cell phone blares off indiscriminately every time a fear or negative thought surfaces in your mind … Just a thought.



There are many treatments for IBS, some which are ridiculous

Hypnotherapy (New York has the best record of long term relief because
Hypnotic Conditioning re-imprints the attached feelings which trigger IBS.”

IBS & Hypnosis (including Humanistic Hypnosis:
The NYC SCRIPTS Hypnosis Method)

Hypnotherapy has been proven to be highly effective treatment for not only alleviating IBS symptoms, but rescripting the actual emotions that are triggered so one can go through life without experiencing bloating, flatulence, extreme abdominal pain.

Now, scientific data has accumulated over 15 years of scientific research and clinical studies on IBS patients have shown that hypnotherapy as an effective, safe and affordable  choice for irritable bowel symptom relief. In recent clinical studies  done on the topic of IBS and abdominal cramping, Hypnotherapy has produces long term positive results in over 80% of the people who’ve tested it.

How does Hypnosis Work For IBS:
It reduces the effects of stress. Your state of mind has a direct impact on your physical well-being. Have you ever gotten mad and your face got red? Maybe you lost your voice screaming? Maybe your stomach hurts? You Can’t sleep?  And if you put your body through this on a daily basis,  tension, anxiety, and depression that comes from living with this seeming incurable condition can actually disrupt your immune system and further denigrate  your health.

Humanist Hypnosis as practiced in the NYC Hypnosis Center,  focuses on desensitizing, healing, re-scripting those memories that one has linked through stress to the digestive system. It is possible to then desensitize the attached feelings where one does not trigger the offending feelings.

In our NYC Hypnosis Program, we  help our clients to let go of negative emotions and beliefs that the IBS symptoms are incurable. IBS is embarrassing, no doubt. The daily dealing with the embarrassment, anxiety and fear emotionally scar one over the long term. As long as those attached memories are etched into one’s gut, they only amplify over time and don’t get a chance to heal. Once those thoughts are restructured, re-scripted, when you’re in one of those situations that triggered the IBS in the past, its almost as if you can’t recall the feeling.

Hypnotherapy has proven  so  successful that Adriane Fugh-Berman, MD, chair of the National Women’s Health Network in Washington, DC, has said that hypnosis should be the first treatment of choice for Irritable Bowel Syndrome cases which have not responded to conventional therapy.

How Would You Like To Enjoy your Life

Go out in public. Enjoy social Events without the attached anxiety. To live your life with the freedom of an adult’s mind.

If you’ve let IBS hold you back, call the New York hypnosis Center and talk to one of our trained specialists on how the SCRIPTS Program has helped thousands experience a new freedom in their lives.


NYC was the home to the largest FREE HYPNOSIS PRACTICE Meetings – http://www.sleepwalkersworldwide.com. Started by Professor Petrocelli and continued by Bill Lukas, the group led to the formation of the Society of Applied Hypnosis of which Bill Lukas is now the president – http://www.appliedhypnosis.com


Just a brief clip that took place during a hypnosis training in New York City in 2010Bill Lukas – Aka The Soulclearer


Soulclearing Interview With Bill LukasWelcome to the Soul Clearing Blog. If you’re a newbie to the world of mysticism, this site will widen your vision as to what is possible. If you’re an experienced traveler, this site will provide valuable information.

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