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Alcohol is of NO USE TO YOU. It doesn’t relax you .. doesn’t make you less anxious … or even improve your sleep.

 A.A. meetings are a great resource … but listen .. you are substituting a drink for a meeting. Who are you kidding. The underlying problem is still there. My name is Prof. John Petrocelli. Growing up in NYC’s Greenwich VIllage, I’ve dealt with both alcohol and drug abuse throughout my career, both in dealing with family members, friends, and spending two and 1/2 years exploring the A.A. (Alcoholics Anonymous) Phenomena and talking former alcoholics to the next step: FREEDOM.

Hypnosis can be effective for helping you to resolve your own underlying issues. After all, who do you think created them? Our clients report that when that inner voice SHUTS UP and what drives them to drink changes … so does their need to drink.

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Professor John Petrocelli and The New York Hypnosis Center (NYC Hypnosis) Center Staff have been serving NYC and are NYC’s LifeChanging Specialists in hypnosis for 31 years.


There are many treatments for IBS, some which are ridiculous

Hypnotherapy (New York has the best record of long term relief because
Hypnotic Conditioning re-imprints the attached feelings which trigger IBS.”

IBS & Hypnosis (including Humanistic Hypnosis:
The NYC SCRIPTS Hypnosis Method)

Hypnotherapy has been proven to be highly effective treatment for not only alleviating IBS symptoms, but rescripting the actual emotions that are triggered so one can go through life without experiencing bloating, flatulence, extreme abdominal pain.

Now, scientific data has accumulated over 15 years of scientific research and clinical studies on IBS patients have shown that hypnotherapy as an effective, safe and affordable  choice for irritable bowel symptom relief. In recent clinical studies  done on the topic of IBS and abdominal cramping, Hypnotherapy has produces long term positive results in over 80% of the people who’ve tested it.

How does Hypnosis Work For IBS:
It reduces the effects of stress. Your state of mind has a direct impact on your physical well-being. Have you ever gotten mad and your face got red? Maybe you lost your voice screaming? Maybe your stomach hurts? You Can’t sleep?  And if you put your body through this on a daily basis,  tension, anxiety, and depression that comes from living with this seeming incurable condition can actually disrupt your immune system and further denigrate  your health.

Humanist Hypnosis as practiced in the NYC Hypnosis Center,  focuses on desensitizing, healing, re-scripting those memories that one has linked through stress to the digestive system. It is possible to then desensitize the attached feelings where one does not trigger the offending feelings.

In our NYC Hypnosis Program, we  help our clients to let go of negative emotions and beliefs that the IBS symptoms are incurable. IBS is embarrassing, no doubt. The daily dealing with the embarrassment, anxiety and fear emotionally scar one over the long term. As long as those attached memories are etched into one’s gut, they only amplify over time and don’t get a chance to heal. Once those thoughts are restructured, re-scripted, when you’re in one of those situations that triggered the IBS in the past, its almost as if you can’t recall the feeling.

Hypnotherapy has proven  so  successful that Adriane Fugh-Berman, MD, chair of the National Women’s Health Network in Washington, DC, has said that hypnosis should be the first treatment of choice for Irritable Bowel Syndrome cases which have not responded to conventional therapy.

How Would You Like To Enjoy your Life

Go out in public. Enjoy social Events without the attached anxiety. To live your life with the freedom of an adult’s mind.

If you’ve let IBS hold you back, call the New York hypnosis Center and talk to one of our trained specialists on how the SCRIPTS Program has helped thousands experience a new freedom in their lives.